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Hi, my name is Deirdre. Welcome to HypnosisLondonClinic. I have been utilizing the Hypnotic state in therapy for 0ver six years. The majority of my work is with clients who need help with  Emotional and Anxiety Issues. I have found that for many people, the root causes of their emotional issues can be traced back to childhood.  Even when there is no obvious link between childhood events and present-day emotional issues,  when we explore a bit deeper, the emotional well-being of the adult very often has its roots in beliefs from childhood events.

As we are being triggered by these events at a sub-conscious level, and therefore outside our conscious awareness, changes are best brought about at a sub-conscious level. Hypnosis is a powerful tool employed in therapy and I delight in helping people break the patterns of unhelpful thoughts and feelings, simply by helping their deeper minds understand their triggers. By understanding the triggers and connecting where they come from, the mind is able to open up to new ways of feeling, thinking and reacting. It brings the sub-conscious back under control rather than being at the mercy of unhelpful emotional responses.

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Please contact me on 07714719327  for a free Consultation.




“Thank you Deirdre for helping me overcome my phobia of flying. I am now able to fly on a plane by myself. Using the techniques we rehearsed during the session, I actually enjoy flying. It has given me a new freedom.”


“I wish I had come to see you years ago. I have been suffering with anxiety for so long,  nothing seemed to work, this was my last hope. I feel so much lighter, my family say I am much happier and smile more, many thanks.”  David, aged 63 yrs. (Received Hypno-analysis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks)

Thank you so much. I feel so much better. I would not be where I am today without your help.”  Marcia, aged 29yrs (Received Hypno-psychotherapy for depression and low self-esteem.)


Thank you, Deirdre. Since I had that session with you I have got rid of my cravings… I just don’t have them. That one session worked wonders.” Shane, aged 42 yrs (Received treatment for Weight Control.)


I have improved a lot with the sessions we have had. I no longer get so stressed at work and it doesn’t bother me when people approach me and asked me things. I feel a lot more relaxed and I don’t react like I used to.” Sara, aged 34 yrs. (Received Hypno-analysis for Panic Attacks and Anxiety.)


Disclaimer – Results cannot be guaranteed and can vary from person to person.

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