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“Thank you Deirdre for helping me overcome my phobia of flying. I am now able to fly on a plane by myself. Using the techniques we rehearsed during the session, I actually enjoy flying. It has given me a new freedom.”


“I wish I had come to see you years ago. I have been suffering with anxiety for so long,  nothing seemed to work, this was my last hope. I feel so much lighter, my family say I am much happier and smile more, many thanks.”  David, aged 63 yrs. (Received Hypno-analysis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks)

Thank you so much. I feel so much better. I would not be where I am today without your help.”  Marcia, aged 29yrs (Received Hypno-psychotherapy for depression and low self-esteem.)


Thank you, Deirdre. Since I had that session with you I have got rid of my cravings… I just don’t have them. That one session worked wonders.” Shane, aged 42 yrs (Received treatment for Weight Control.)


I have improved a lot with the sessions we have had. I no longer get so stressed at work and it doesn’t bother me when people approach me and asked me things. I feel a lot more relaxed and I don’t react like I used to.” Sara, aged 34 yrs. (Received Hypno-analysis for Panic Attacks and Anxiety.)


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