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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Insomnia

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Deirdre O’Connor-Yahia

Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy has a 93% Success Rate for dealing with emotional issues such as Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks and Insomnia


HypnosisLondonClinic is a clinic based in Richmond, specialising in Hypnotherapy for Anxiety. As a therapist, I am very happy to assist and guide clients to access their own power, the greatest power which lies within the sub-conscious mind. I am often asked, what can hypnosis or Hypnotherapy help with. The answer is simply, anything that lies in the domain of the mind. The real question is, how much of of what we experience is in our minds. We hear the saying ‘It’s all in the mind’ with the implication that is made up, fantasy or that we are imagining things. Well, that is actually true, but that is not to diminish the reality of what we are experiencing. It means that so much starts with our minds, and therefore whatever we are experiencing, whatever we want to change, must start with changing our mindsets.

Whether is is a panic attack, nail-biting, blushing or low self-esteem, negative self-beliefs, there is usually an underlying anxiety which is creating the problem. Anxiety is created from situations we experience and which we absorb as negative beliefs about ourselves and the environment. It impacts us as adults as it imprints later experiences, with affirmations of that early belief, we now see as ‘reality’. Therapy helps us to re-appraise the underlying beliefs we hold about ourselves. Positive change comes from regressing back and desensitising the emotionally charged events. The result is that we feel differently about ourselves, more empowered, lighter and freer to choose how we feel.

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I wish I had come to see you years ago. I have been suffering with anxiety for so long,  nothing seemed to work, this was my last hope. I feel so much lighter, my family say I am much happier and smile more, many thanks.”  David, aged 63 yrs. (Received Hypno-analysis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks)

Thank you so much. I feel so much better. I would not be where I am today without your help.”  Marcia, aged 29yrs (Received Hypno-psychotherapy for depression and low self-esteem.)


Thank you, Deirdre. Since I had that session with you I have got rid of my cravings… I just don’t have them. That one session worked wonders.” Shane, aged 42 yrs (Received treatment for Weight Control.)


I have improved a lot with the sessions we have had. I no longer get so stressed at work and it doesn’t bother me when people approach me and asked me things. I feel a lot more relaxed and I don’t react like I used to.” Sara, aged 34 yrs. (Received Hypno-analysis for Panic Attacks and Anxiety.)


Disclaimer – Results cannot be guaranteed and can vary from person to person.

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