At HypnosisLondonClinic, we offer Counselling Services for a range of issues such as Depression and Anxiety.  Your counseling session will be individual to you. You will be able to explore your emotions in a confidential and safe environment. You will better understand how your emotions are impacting your mental state. You will also get a better understanding how your past has created your present situation. We offer a range of techniques for you to release emotional charges of past events.

Psychoanalysis is useful to explore childhood traumas which still may still be affecting you in the present. You are assisted in regressing to causative incidences in order to release the emotional impact that remains in the subconscious mind.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps you to change how you are reacting to emotional triggers. When you allow yourself to stand back and observe your reactions, you can empower yourself into reacting in more positive and healthy ways to the same situation. This technique helps to retrain your brain into enacting better behaviors instead of reacting unconsciously in negative ways. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, when used in conjunction with psychoanalysis, helps you to bring about lasting positive changes to your emotional state.

Psychoanalysis looks at the causes why you are reacting in a certain way, whilst Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps you to change embedded habitual reactive behaviors. Psychoanalysis is used where the emotions are perceived to be inside us but outside of our control. In other words, we are behaving in certain ways that we have little control of, and which we have little understanding of why we are behaving that way. We are being triggered by events from the past but at present cannot link with our present day behavior.

What Can Counselling Help With?

Counseling, especially in the trance state, can help to treat Anxiety, Depression, Anger Issues and any Issue concerning the Emotions.

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