General Anxiety

If you are experiencing severe anxiety, you are not alone. So many people today are suffering in silence. It becomes a hidden condition, and it is as though the person feels it is a personal weakness that they should be able to snap out of but for some unknown reason can’t. The person sometimes experiences it as shame, they have no ‘right’ or ‘excuse’ to feel that way, they often feel very isolated with it.

Experiencing anxiety has no link with weakness however. Being human means we are emotional. We would not be able to experience the joys of what is means to be alive, in tune with our higher natures and to express ourselves deeply and wholly, without our emotions. Unfortunately when there is a disruption in our emotional states, when a maladaptive defence has been developed in response to negative feelings we hold about ourselves,  we are blocked from expressing and experiencing joy. There is much lost to us.

Anxiety  is a consequence of internalising negative beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. It can happen in early childhood when we are most vulnerable to negative suggestions and actions of others, especially when the patterns are repeated. Once a pattern of belief sets in we tend to attract similar patterns that compound that belief. This then becomes our ‘reality’ and we hold those beliefs to be true,   As children we don’t tend to question what is being said to us,  we accept the suggestions of others, without critiquing  their validity.

The wonderful thing about Hypno-analysis  is that one can re-visit those early emotional experiences that have created the anxiety and negative beliefs we have developed at a subconscious level. Whilst one may know what the experiences were, it can be difficult to change the impact they have had. Treatment involves regressing back to the causative events and allowing the sub-conscious mind to explore the emotional imprints created from those events. Once the initial sensitising event has been worked through, the consequential negative beliefs are weakened and  dissolved.

As the rational mind, that can be  somewhat  rooted in stuck beliefs,  is pushed aside during hypnosis, it allows for dynamic changes to happen. This is the reason why hypnosis is so beneficial in the therapeutic setting.

It is sad that so many people carry the burden of unnecessary anxiety that is counter-productive and debilitating, often in the mistaken belief that the past can’t be changed and that they have to live with it. The past cannot be changed but the beliefs we have fostered as a result of the past most definitely can. It is empowering and life-changing to do so.

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