Hypnosis for Weight Issues


Many of us have issues relating to our weight. Often those issues are connected with out emotions. Our relationship to eating is in many cases an emotional one. We stop eating due to anxiety, we over-eat to comfort ourselves. Often weight gain or weight loss has deeper roots than merely lack of self control or over control. We know all the dietary advice. The root cause is our relationship with eating and this is often the best way to maintain a weight that is healthy and positive.

The solutions to your weight issues can be found at a subconscious level. The part within you, holding you back has the stronger voice at the moment. To bring harmony and balance to where the conflicts lie, you need to communicate to your emotional mind. Habits are formed in the subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds store all memories. It is only when we are triggered that the subconscious is alerted and we react with certain behaviours. This can be applied to our eating habits. We learn at a subconscious level to react in a certain way when our emotions are triggered. Emotional eating is often a response. We turn to food to protect ourselves, ease the painful and uncomfortable feelings we are going through. The outcome can be over-eating or under-eating.

It is difficult to break this habitual response at a conscious level. Hypnosis can help us access the subconscious minds where the habits are formed. By focusing our subconscious minds into a heightened state of awareness we can gain the co-operation of the subconscious mind to reach our goals.  When the subconscious has an opportunity to be heard, we may be surprised at what we hear. It needs to let us know that this is what it is getting out of the habit. We can then help it to learn better ways to get that feeling or to let go of old and unwanted emotional responses.


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