This is a state of focused attention with reduced peripheral awareness.  In this state, there is a greater capacity for response to suggestion. It is used as a  powerful tool in hypnotherapy to bring about positive changes in emotional health and Anxiety states.


This is therapy applied whilst in the state of hypnosis. It can help to change old and ingrained habits,  remove phobias and irrational fears. Experiences rooted in the past that are currently affecting your life in a negative way can be re-framed into a more positive way. In my clinic, I use a wide range of disciplines to bring about lasting relief.  There are two components of therapy – Suggestion and Analysis. Suggestion therapy helps to overcome the symptoms you present with, whilst analysis explores the ‘Cause and Effect’. The combination of both help to bring permanent and successful relief.

Hypno-analysis explores the causes of your emotional problems. This is particularly effective in cases where your emotional responses to a situation are negatively affected by your past. Analysis helps you identify the triggers that cause you to behave in unwanted ways in the present. You are guided back whilst in the state of hypnosis where your subconscious mind will identify the causation of your problem. We will then use a range of therapeutic interventions to resolve the emotional impact of the memories.

Hypo-psychotherapy is an extension of hypnotherapy into the realms of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can help you make sense of the emotions that are controlling you and the experiences that trigger them. It can assist you to understand and resolve conflicts and anxieties, thereby strengthening your ability to cope.

What can I expect from therapy?

This depends on what you wish to have treatment for. In the case of Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, one or two sessions of Suggestion Therapy is required. However, if you have more deeply seated issues which are
causing you anxiety, analytical hypnotherapy is indicated. This involves looking towards the root cause of the issue and releasing the emotional attachment to that cause. Once that has been achieved the root cause can no longer have the same emotional control over the mind.

It is a very liberating experience. Analysis and Psychotherapy carried out in the hypnotic state is a much quicker process. This is because hypnosis allows the mind to bypass the critical factor. The therapist works on the subconscious mind which is the seat of the emotions. It is emotions which cause the problems and it is only the emotions which can let go of it.

With commitment and a willingness to work with the process, you as the client can truly bring about permanent relief to your issue.

Deirdre Yahia

Deirdre Yahia

Founder of Hypnosis London Clinic

Hi, my name is Deirdre O’Connor-Yahia. I am an experienced Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. I have been successfully treating people with issues such as Stress, General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Phobias, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking. I offer a free consultation before starting treatment.

The Clinic

My clinic can be found above the Maple Leaf Pharmacy. Enter the pharmacy and you will find the door leading to the stairs of the clinic.

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