Hypnotherapy for Insomnia.


There are three main types of Insomnia.

The first is with difficulty going to sleep.

This type is caused by rumination. The sufferer is letting the chatter in the mind take over, re-thinking the days events, usually worrying about situations.

The second type is waking up in the middle of the night.

This usually happens from disturbed sleep, caused by dreaming. The dreams cause the sufferer to jolt out of their sleep and because of an underlying anxiety, it is difficult to return to sleep.

The third type is early waking.

This happens because the sufferer wakes early, unconsciously trying to fix the problem that is causing the anxiety.

Whatever type of sleep disturbance you are experiencing, the underlying cause is an over-active mind that doesn’t switch off.

Hypnotherapy can help to identify what the underlying causes that is creating your over-active mind and work to help you calm it. Your mind needs to learn boundaries, when and where to work out problems and when to leg go.

By working on the underlying anxiety and learning new ways to bring all the chatter under your control,  you can successfully re-establish good sleeping patterns. Hypno-analysis is a powerful way to work through your anxiety. Cognitive Behavioural techniques can help your mind to learn new ways of working.

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