Low self-confidence can affect you in many ways. People who have low self-confidence are often less successful at work and at school. They don’t believe in themselves so they don’t expect to succeed. They often don’t put that extra effort in because they don’t believe in themselves, that they can do it. They won’t put themselves forward for promotion or for more challenging positions as they feel less competent. This feeling is very often unfounded. People who are invited to go for promotions won’t, simply because they underestimate themselves. They see people around them who are less capable, achieving more, because these people aren’t held back by feelings of worthlessness.

. Our feelings about ourselves are formed in the sub-conscious mind.  These feelings are formed, at a young age by the feedback we receive from family and friends. If we are constantly made to feel we are not good enough, inferior or lacking as children, we carry those feelings with us into adulthood. No matter how we prove those feelings to be wrong, we continue to hold on to that belief that has been firmly imprinted into our deep minds.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to help you overcome confidence issues. Hypnosis can get to that part of the mind where the belief patterns about ourselves are stored. Hypnotherapy can help us examine those beliefs and question them. In the hypnotic state, the subconscious mind is open to letting go of unwanted and unfounded belief patterns. It is in a fully focused state to understand and bring about desired changes in our beliefs and feelings we have held on to from childhood.

The result is  a liberating feeling of understanding how we have come to hold on to our beliefs and to let them go. We no longer need them. People often feel lighter, more relaxed, freer to get on with their lives, no longer held back by ill-serving beliefs about about themselves.

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