Hypnosis has long been recognized for its ability to help with pain management. Hypnosis actually regained a new popularity during the First World War when soldiers needed emergency surgery without any anaesthesia available on the fields. This is a  testimony to the power of Hypnosis.

With the popularity of analgesia waning as we better understand the potential side effects with chronic repeated and over-use, hypnotherapy is making a come-back. Obviously, no pain should be treated with hypnosis without first diagnosing and treating any underlying causes of pain. Pain is there to alert us that something is wrong and therefore shouldn’t be ignored. However, when the pain has been seen to by your Doctor, and treatment has been given, Hypnosis can be used to compliment any other treatment you receive.

How does it work? Your brain is more ready to accept new suggestions when in the hypnotic state. Therefore, in this state, the hypnotherapist can work with you to provide positive suggestions and ways to control the pain. For example, you can suggest to your brain that it can reduce pain by lowering the dial, altering the colour, shape and other images your sub-conscious associates with pain. Your brain is as unique as the images it associates with pain, so treatment focuses on changing the images, thereby changing the sensations.

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