Hypnotherapy Panic Attacks and Fears


Hypnotherapy works very well with Panic attacks and Fears. Panic attacks are an extreme form of anxiety, which can last up to half an hour. Panic Attacks can cause –




A feeling of being outside of one’s body

A feeling of being out of control

Fear of embarrassing oneself


A fear that one is going to die

An overwhelming feeling of intense panic

Feeling faint

Panic stem

Panic Attacks and fears stem from learned behavior, which can go all the way back to childhood. Experiences, especially in childhood which may have been perceived by the mind to be intensely dangerous, are stored in the subconscious. Later in life these memories, are triggered by different situations. Whilst you may not connect the memories at a conscious level, the emotions linked with the event are stirred by

Here at HypnosisLondonClinic,  we recognize that panic attacks stem from intense fears and stress. The Fight or Flight response has gone into overdrive and the sub-conscious mind sees dangers in seemingly harmless situations. Therapy works on the subconscious mind to link where the mind is connecting the signals of danger to. The mind can then be retrained to respond appropriately to the current situation without being influenced by the past.



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