Here at HCL, we offer Hypnotherapy  Weight Control, Richmond, London.

The WHO declared that 13% of the population to be obese and 39% to be overweight.

Health problems related to being overweight or obese include cardiovascular disease, some cancers, osteoarthritis, and diabetes. The psychological impact on being overweight can be just as damaging. At HCL we are passionate about helping you take back control over your weight, with our proven Hypnotherapy techniques.

In an age when there is so much information about healthy eating, what resources do we really need to help us on our journey towards a healthy weight?

The answer may be in factoring in our mindset when we set out to change eating habits. We know all the right foods and portions we should be taking, but yet something within us and outside of our control thwarts our best intentions.

If this sounds familiar to you, getting your whole mind to work together maybe what is needed. Hypnotherapy works very well when your seem to have little control over your habits. The emotions play a large part when forming habits. Our emotions trigger us into negative behaviors and can have much greater power over our thinking minds.

Hypnotherapy helps you examine what is happening to sabotage your best efforts at a subconscious level. This gives you greater power to consciously guide your emotions.

Call today for a free consultation over the phone to discuss where you wish to be in your life. I look forward to hearing from you.




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