Helping Indigo Children overcome Anxiety

What is an Indigo Child?

An Indigo Child is a person who was born mainly from the 1970’s are people who chose to be incarnated with the purpose of overcoming and breaking down systems that no longer serve our purpose and are lacking in integrity. Because of this, the Indigo Personality is a warrior one, who questions authority and is willing to go against the crowd. They are highly intuitive and usually have psychic abilities.

The Indigo Personality finds it difficult to be in groups who don’t share their vision and for this reason, often become ostracised and suffer anxiety. Whilst they are misunderstood they have a deep sense of knowing along with a great sense of purpose, that helps them to stand their ground.

It is important for Indigo Children to be understood. They are usually vegan or vegetarian, have low intolerance for heavy toxins or heavy energies. They are more prone to Anxiety and Depression due to feeling outsiders in Society.

I have started to recognise more and more the Indigo Personality. I am very happy to be able to empathise and re-assure those clients that they can trust their own guidance and inner wisdom, to have confidence in their purpose and develop strengths to be able to cope in a society that they often find they do not belong to. Unfortunately, the Indigo Personality is prone to addictions and alcoholism that can stifle their sensitivity and warrior natures.

Treatment consists of Hypno-Analysis to overcome  Anxiety and Depression, Hypno-Psychotherapy for low self-esteem. Clients who come to me find they can very quickly relax and let their defences down when they see that I understand their issues and empathise with what they are going through. I find that I constantly learn from these sensitive people and am humbled by their deep knowing and spirituality.


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