Most of us are familiar with the most common phobias people can have, such as claustrophobia, arachnophobia and acrophobia, but there are some new phobias that have been diagnosed, and many are linked to modern life.

For example, last year editiovultaphobia was one of the new conditions identified. It refers to people with severe anxiety about social media, and more specifically the feeling that they are being judged by everybody.

Another phobia associated with modern technology is nomophobia, which is the fear of being without your mobile device. None of us likes to leave home without our phone, but those who suffer from nomophobia become incredibly anxious about being without their device and the prospect of missing messages or calls.

Eco anxiety is another condition, which refers to people’s concerns about the state of the planet and, more specifically, climate change.

An article for Wales Online recently explored eco anxiety and how it manifests. Psychotherapist at the University of Bath and Climate Psychology Alliance Caroline Hickman explained that eco anxiety is best described as a fear of the future, particularly environmental disaster.

“At the extreme, people can become quite paralysed, traumatised and terrified and go into a kind of frozen state of anxiety where they just can’t function,” she said.

However, Ms Hickman added that eco anxiety can be positive when it’s at the less extreme end of the spectrum because it’s “a sign of awareness and empathy”.

Whatever phobia you suffer from, you could get help to make it more manageable, or even get rid of it altogether. Get in touch with us about phobia hypnotherapy in London to find out more.

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