I now offer Past Life Regression sessions. Many people are interested in Past Life Regression (PLR) for various reasons. Some people are curious to know if anything comes up in a session. Others may have a strong feeling that the problems they are experiencing are so deep-seated that they may stem from a previous life. Some people feel a very strong connection to either another person or place, they feel that connections stems from a previous life.

I have often had clients go into a spontaneous PLR. This has happened when the client is in trance, I have asked them to go back to the first time, they have experienced either a belief, or a strong emotion towards someone.  This is not a planned PLR but we deal with it, as it has cropped up.

Whatever your reason for your interest in PLR I am happy to first have a discussion with you before you make a decision to go ahead.  I will let you know what you can expect from your session. We will also look at what your expectations are and whether these are realistic.

Please contact me today for a phone consultation .

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