A phobia is an irrational fear directed against an object, activity or situation. This can be accompanied by a panic attack when facing the object of that fear. The phobia can then lead to a range of behaviours, including avoidance behaviour, difficulty breathing, intense anxiety and feeling completely out of control. This sense of feeling out of control can lead the person to feel they will lose control of their own body, and embarrass themselves by either screaming, fainting, sweating.

Having a phobia can lead to avoidance and this in return can make the person feel isolated, turning down social and work related engagements in order to avoid the situation. For example, if someone has a phobia about dogs, it may lead to turning down invitations to places they know there will be dogs. Another example is a phobia of flying, which may lead to turning down job opportunities or promotions in which flying will be part of that job.

If you are finding that your fears are creating disruption and anxiety in your life, there is help out there and there is no need to continue feeling isolated and alone with the problem.

If your phobia is a simple fear of an object, which can be dealt with in 1 to 2 sessions with Suggestion hypnotherapy. However, it it has a more deeply intrenched anxiety component, a combination of hypno-Analysis along with hypo-psychotherapy is indicated. This will entail a number of sessions, between 5 and 8, in order to get to the root cause of the problem. As it is the sub-conscious mind which has created the problem in the first place, healing and a lasting resolving will only occur at the sub-conscious level. This is why therapy in the hypnotic state is so effective.

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