If you have tried to Stop smoking and have found that you are motivated but lack the will-power to do so, hypnosis has been found to be the most successful way to break the habit.

Included in the one and a half hour session is an MP3 to take home. A range of techniques are used to re-programme the mind to think as a non-smoker and this is re-enforced in the MP3.

Hypnosis makes it easier to stop smoking

  • Hypnosis helps take away the cravings we fear.
  • Hypnosis removes the feelings of wanting a cigarette.
  • Hypnosis helps ease that feeling of needing a cigarette.
  • Yes, what the subconscious mind can conceive and visualize in hypnosis, you can achieve.
  • Yes, because with hypnosis, that feeling of being deprived of a cigarette fades very quickly.
  • That they have simply stopped smoking and with hypnosis it was all very easy.


Hypnosis works for good

HLC Smoking Cessation works because it removes the desire and need to smoke. https://www.hypnosislondonclinic.co.uk/top-tips-stop-smokingTherefore, you won’t need nicotine gum, nicotine patches or stop smoking pills. There is no need for needles, inhalers or plastic cigarettes. All you have to do for hypnosis to work for you is to relax comfortably with your eyes closed – could anything be easier?

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