So what is the Top Tip for Stop Smoking?

You have decided to Stop Smoking. You are eager, motivated and keen. But despite your best intentions, you cave in when the going gets tough. You light up, have the cigarette and then beat yourself up for being weak. Does this sound familiar to you? Well, the good news is, you are not alone. The other good news is that there may be sub-conscious forces outside of your awareness that create this conflict and seemingly uncontrollable habit to take hold of you.

Smokers are more sensitive to emotional stress than nonsmokers, according to a 2013 Gallup survey of 83,000 adults.

Your emotional health may be significantly impacting your goal to quit smoking. This would indicate it would make good sense to include addressing any emotional issues underlying your smoking habit. In my practice, when I work with clients who have consulted me for a Stop Smoking session, we always find an emotional link to the cigarette habit. Once we work on this together during the session, the client finds it easier able to let go of their smoking habit.

Suggestion Therapy in the state of Hypnosis is a very useful way of suggesting to the sub-conscious mind to quit the habit. However, a bit of Cause and Effects Analysis in Hypnosis may be just what is needed to convince the mind that it is all in the mind and that quitting is safe, achievable and desirable in all respects.

Each client is unique and what they get out of the habit is equally unique. You may be surprised by what your sub-conscious mind is getting out of the habit and what why it is clinging to the cigarette. Whatever it is, here at my practice, I am always happy to help you unravel the raison d’etre of your smoking habit, putting you back in control of your actions.

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