Along with phobias to physical objects, there are the lesser recognised phobias, one of the most common being   Social Phobia. Also known as Social Anxiety,  statistics show that 7% of the population may be  be suffering from this condition. Whilst many of us feel uncomfortable in some social situations, such as Public Speaking, communicating with authority figures, for some,  fears around social situations can become crippling. It can lead to avoidance of the social situation, with the sufferer having panic attacks when faced with  it. It can lead to avoidance, culminating in a sense of isolation, loneliness and depression. It also can have a negative effect on the person’s confidence and self-esteem.

The most effective way to deal with this condition is through regression. The phobia was created at some point in the person’s life as a result of a traumatic events or a continuation of events at an earlier point. The therapist, using hypnosis,  guides the client to allow his or her subconscious mind to do the work and find the trauma/s. This process is quick, effective and once identified, can be worked on so that the person feels a sense of liberation and can feel in control of his/her emotions.

If you feel that you are being effected by traumas in you past, why not make that call today.

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