Is it time to Quit Smoking and how can Hypnosis help?

There are many useful tools on the market to help the smoker quit the habit. From nicotine patches to the e-cigarette. For some these have their uses, but more often than not one habit just replaces the other. The reason for this is that the root cause of the problem is not addressed. This is the emotional aspect of the journey towards being a permanent non-smoker. The smoker who determined to give up, fails and then has the added burden of guilt to deal with. The smoker becomes anxious, feeling bereft of that substance which hitherto has been a false ally, whether for that first cigarette with the morning coffee, the quick cigarette break mid morning, the cigarette with friends around a drink, or just unwinding in the evening.

Naturally, the person with the cigarette habit finds a void when quitting the habit. The emotional bond built up throughout the years needs to be replaced with another credible ally, just this time one that is a true friend, rather than the emotional crutch that the cigarette stood for.

This is where hypnosis comes into play. Your hypnotherapist will help you to detach yourself from your identity with the cigarette. You are not a smoker, you are someone who has unfortunately become emotionally reliant on cigarettes. Now you re-assert your identity minus the smoker. You need to get the sub-conscious mind on board because it is at a sub-conscious level where the emotional attachments are.

There is no quick fix, whether with tools on the market or with hypnosis. Hypnosis however, can help you see clearly how you connect to the emotional rewards the cigarette has claimed to offer. Then, through hypnosis, you can begin to disconnect with the emotional bond. This is where the fun begins. Now, you get to re-create better emotional links, whether it is to reward yourself by exercising more, looking better, feeling great or just having a splash with the money which would have before gone on the pack of cigarettes. Your choice.

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