Panic attacks can create tremendous disturbance in the life of the sufferer. One of the most daunting aspects of the condition is the lack of control the person has over it. There is no way to rationalise it and trying to talk oneself out of it has little or no effect. The problem is once it takes control the person feels powerless and out of control.This in turn leads to avoidance of the situation, increased anxiety and can lead to isolation and withdrawal from productive and enjoyable activities.

It is reassuring to know that panic attacks are treatable with the right help. Hypno-analysis works very well as the attacks are a response to traumatic memories stored in the sub-conscious mind. All traumas are stored as memories in the sub-conscious mind and how they affect us depends on the severity of that trauma and our perception of the trauma. This memory can then cause the sub-conscious mind to trigger the panic response set every time it recognises what it perceives as a similar threat. As this may not be recognised at a conscious level, the sufferer is sometimes left confused to the severe reaction certain situations trigger.

It is important that when seeking treatment for Panic Attacks, that this treatment works at a sub-conscious level. Hypno-analysis helps the client to regress back to the time when the trigger was first created. The memories can then be looked at in a different light and the emotional attachment to it dispersed.

If you suffer from panic attacks, I am happy to receive your call and arrange for a consultation to discuss your problem. Why not make that call today and free yourself from this unpleasant and debilitating condition.

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