Anxiety affects people in different ways and one area that the condition often has an impact on is appetite.

As a recent article for Medical News Today pointed out, in some people their anxiety will cause them to overeat, often leading to the consumption of many unhealthy foods. In others, however, the anxiety has the opposite effect and results in a loss of appetite.

The news provider explained that a loss of appetite is more common among those who have persistent anxiety or an anxiety disorder. This is because when their body is in a state of stress, it releases hormones that trigger a fight-or-flight response, and research has found some of these hormones affect the digestive system.

By contrast, people who suffer from anxiety less frequently are more likely to turn to comfort foods and overeating.

However, the news provider stressed that it’s important to recognise that anxiety affects everyone differently. It also offered some advice for anyone who finds they lose their appetite as a result of their anxiety, recommending that they make sure that what little they feel able to eat is “nutrient rich”.

“It is also a good idea to opt for easily digestible foods that will not further upset the digestive system,” the article added.

Last month, research published by the University of Bristol revealed that teenage girls who experience clinical levels of anxiety could be more likely to develop an eating disorder.

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